OGAM January game :12=12

Here’s my first game for One game a month.

Not much of a game, just a light arcarde/puzzle that evolved from my first look at Unity.
The tutorial was rushed in the last hours of january so it’s not very informative.

Mini post-mortem :
Unity is fun
Coming from a Flash background, the restriction on bitmap manipulation, blendmodes and compositing of the free version of Unity is a bit frustrating and I think the game would work better in Flash, but whatever, i learned stuff. The Unity engine is solid, the realtime variables editing is very nice, the scripting seems to get real messy real fast if you don’t pay attention.

NB : there will be bugs, it’s barely tested, sorry




Portfolio : &TheBitGoesOn

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Agence :UZFul – IQ12 – Creaktif (conception), Creaktif (DA)
Travaux :Direction technique, developpement, administration
Technologies :HTML 5, Javascript

Portfolio : Battle of the bit

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Agence :UZFul – IQ12 – Creaktif (conception), Freakyschick (DA)
Travaux :Direction technique, developpement, administration
Points clés :Animation
Technologies :HTML 5, Javascript

Portfolio : David Guetta – Nothing but the beat 24H party

Client :EMI
Agence :SuperGazol (conception), Creaktif (DA)
Travaux :Conception, Direction technique, Developpement Flash
Points clés :Géolocalisation 3D des connections, opération 24h avec évolution du site sur la journée
Technologies :Droolbox v2 Away3D v3.6, Tweeter API

Portfolio : Casting Murat

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Client :Murat Bijoux
Agence :Creaktif (conception, DA)
Travaux :Direction technique, developpement Flash
Points clés :Intégration Facebook, Outil de manipulation de photos, capture Webcam, vidéos intéractive
Technologies :Droolbox v2

Lion – Rameute ta meute

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Client :LION
Agence :Creaktif (DA), O Connection ( Conception )
Travaux :Direction Technique, developpement Facebook, mini-jeux
Points clés :Intégration Facebook, Chat facebook <-> IPhone, 7 mini jeux
Technologies :Droolbox v2, SmartFox Server

Portfolio : Application OCDE 50

Client :RIM
Agence :Creaktif (DA)
Travaux :Developpement d’une application pour PlayBook Blackberry
Points clés :Tablette PlayBook, animation 3D, Hand gestures, Mutilingue, contenus dynamiques
Technologies :Droolbox v2, AIR 2.5, SDK Playbook

Portfolio : HAIER – My Summer Zone

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Client :HAIER
Agence :KnightWorks (conception), SuperLovers ( DA )
Travaux :Conception de jeu, développement et intégration Flash
Points clés :Intégration Facebook, Incrustation de photos dans des vidéos
Technologies :Droolbox v2

VDOBOT / Rafael Gonçalves

Au début la mer est calme / Antoine & JC