We’re a team of 3 guys doing Flash stuff for years.

We met playing Banja in the early 00s, firstly in the forums and then in real life.

Many drinks later, we decided to join to work on our own game projects. But we had to make a living, and so we did Flash sites as sub-contractors for advertising and communication agencies. This was good teaching. We learned a lot of useful stuff like how not to sleep during several days, how to bypass freaky IT’s specs, or make beautiful banners in 42ko and less.

As our training ends, we’re now ready to get into the wild and do what iq¹² was made for : games, apps and stories of our own.


Samuel Pott – 16ames :


Some say he studied comic art in Brussel, Belgium, when he was young, a long time ago. Then he discovered Flash3. From story-telling to tellTarget(), he took that step. Many years later he’s still juggling with code, words and images to create ways to tell stories on the Internets (when not drunk).

Arnaud Gatouillat – Fu :


He’s the brain in the team, a real human calculator with an inexplicable gift for sport questions in quizzes. He can make messy code clear as crystal and repair the Internet after one googled “google”. But be aware: he can be a bit of a troll too when you feed him after midnight.

Christophe Choffel – Ulu :


He’s an artist of the code, a fabulous dancer on DDR, a real guitar hero on Guitar Hero, and beats every one of us at quizzes but sport questions. He plays games, thinks games and makes games. He’s also kind of a bear and sometimes he can grunt, too.