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So here we are : Σ12 is out now , and if you happen to read this blog entry, I hope it’s because of the game.

It’s been a long and hard journey, but we learned tons of stuff, and still are.
I wanted to write a bit about the game, the process, what went right and what went wrong about this project, so let’s start with a few words about its genesis.
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Let’s get viral!

Tried my hand at After Effects, and here’s the result.

This is not the definitive trailer, as some things seen in it will change, but for a first time with AE, i think it’s okay ( the lighting effect on the logo looks a bit cheap, but i like it 🙂 ).

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So, yeah, our game is nearly finished, and it’s called Σ12!

It took way more time than previously planned, we hit a lot of various technical problems, tried tons of stuff, but we’re finally OK with it and are getting ready to release it, at least on some platforms.
We’ll post more details about the gameplay in later posts, but now, i just wanted to post some screenshots, in all their colorfull glory :


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Christophe has developed the 12=12 game prototype with Unity3D. In our first publishing meeting for the game we’re decided to port it to Stage3D (Flash/AIR).

The reasoning was: on a game with limited 3D complexity the performance drop from Unity to Stage3D (on mobile) will be compensated by easier 2D integration and the better experience we have with advanced topics in Flash (ad integration, social …etc). Oh and there’s the money thing: Unity3D isn’t cheap with iOS and Android build capabilities (around 4k€).

Having decided that we were in the market for a Stage3D engine. We’ve checked 4 of them, still we missed some (Alternativa comes to mind). We don’t have enough time to be exhaustive anyway. Here are my opinions on them:

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Hello everyone

We’ve chosen to produce 12=12 for real! It’ll be our first published game!

Christophe will direct the production, while I’ll lead the code design and Sam will intervene mainly on design and publishing issues.

We’ve brainstormed everything from gameplay to narration and of course target markets. We want to publish everywhere we can, so if the game fails to attract people it won’t be for lack of trying. Mobile app stores, Facebook, Kongregate, …etc: every platform we can think of is on the table.

We’ve elected AIR instead of Unity mainly because of the cost of Unity for multiple platforms. Perhaps on a later project. Also as lead I’m a lot more confident about what we can or can’t do with AIR. I clearly lack experience on Unity for now.

Now I’ll let Christophe describe what’ll be in the full game.